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SmartEnglish Enterprise es un programa especialmente diseñado para equipos y organizaciones que ofrecen formación lingüística a medida con tutores en línea.

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Capacitación corporativa en idiomas que le encantará a su equipo

Tutores de calidad

Nuestro equipo selecciona cuidadosamente a los tutores de SmartEnglish mejor calificados para ayudar a sus empleados a alcanzar su máximo potencial para hablar y escribir.

Metodología a medida

Cada tutor ofrece un plan personalizado para ayudar a los alumnos a alcanzar su objetivo a corto o largo plazo y mejorar su lenguaje comercial.

Progreso visible

Evaluación del dominio del idioma a través de una prueba de nivel y seguimiento continuo del progreso de las habilidades lingüísticas corporativas

Flexibilidad absoluta

Los empleados pueden practicar su pronunciación o mejorar sus habilidades lingüísticas comerciales desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.

Preguntas frecuentes

What is business language, and how to learn it?

A business language is a more advanced language proficiency combined with the terminology specific to that industry. Basic skills may be enough for casual language use, but since every little detail can affect project timelines and investment returns business language proficiency among employees is a very important consideration for global companies. Some employees take business language classes individually, others take advantage of company-sponsored corporate language lessons. The formats of business language training programs can vary significantly: they can be formal (required) or informal (suggested); offered on-site or off-site; delivered face-to-face or online; designed for groups or conducted individually; rely on recorded lessons or live instruction; be available for executives or all frontline staff. Popular with individual learners and corporate upskilling programs, online business language training is one of the most flexible and affordable choices among those formats.

What is corporate language training?

Corporate language training is not just a formalized workforce perk, it is often a business necessity for international companies. International corporations usually have an official corporate language. As they expand operations to countries where other native languages are spoken, a business level knowledge in a corporate language becomes a necessity. To meet this need, human resource departments develop and implement formal corporate language training programs. These enable enterprises to support international growth, open new markets, share knowledge rapidly and more effectively. Business language training programs are a win-win both for employees and international companies: corporations become more appealing places to work for the global talent pool, while employees gain access to new opportunities and become more loyal.

What is SmartEnglish Enterprise?

SmartEnglsih is a service for online learning that helps students find tutors from any place in the world and learn languages online. SmartEnglish Enterprise is a language training program specially designed for teams, businesses or organizations and focuses on corporate language training.

What SmartEnglish Enterprise can provide to the team?

The teams and businesses that are working with Preply Enterprise already value the following five benefits of corporate language training program: Absolute flexibility that employees obtain while improving their business language skills without being constrained in terms of time or location from anywhere and at anytime An extended list of hand-picked tutors that communicate in your team’s native language and can, therefore, provide personalized training even for absolute beginners Continuous progress tracking using a dashboard especially designed to evaluate and track the team’s progress, preferred by businesses with multiple locations or HQs in different countries Continuous support offered by a designated customer support team that speaks your employees’ language and can answer any question or solve an issue instantly A one-time payment that enables an easy and flexible payment process

What is the difference between SmartEnglish and SmartEnglish сorporate language training?

SmartEnglish Enterprise is a language training program that provides a tailored experience for teams or businesses who are able to improve their business language skills on one platform with top SmartEnglish tutors handpicked by the account management team. Additionally, SmartEnglish Enterprise offers an easy and systematized administration, analysis, and payment for an organization or a business, its students and administrators. The organization administrator has access to aggregate students’ utilization, learning progress, etc. regardless of their geographical location. Lastly, students and administrators have access to a professional account management team who can help them navigate through the learning experience more effectively and efficiently.

What methodology do you use for the сorporate language training?

Typically, each one of our tutors has their own methodology and training resources because we don't believe that one learning plan can fit all students' needs. Our experience shows that people would like to learn a language in a contextual way (e.g. business language), therefore, going through general grammar exercises is insufficient and outdated. Our tutors are trained to provide a tailored learning plan for each of the student’s learning needs such as preparing for a business presentation with a native speaker, improving pronunciation, learning finance-related business words, or just improving the overall language level. Overall, each student will find a tutor that works best for their learning needs with our recommendations. The student will be provided with a placement test (CEFR levels) to understand their initial language level. After 8 classes (or on a monthly basis), your team will receive an assessment to check the progress they are making towards their learning goal and their business language skills.

What is the process of choosing tutors for each employee?

One of SmartEnglish’s main advantages is the opportunity to offer a tailored handpick list of top SmartEnglish tutors selected by our account management team, based on your team’s learning criteria. Your team will have the opportunity to choose their preferred tutor from the handpicked list they will be provided with. Our tutors will be notified about the upcoming lessons with Enterprise students and will prepare the appropriate training materials for the lesson (e.g. business language vocabulary and interactive exercises, videos related to the business or field your team is working in and other contextual resources).

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